Bhog is the meal provided to all and devotees after the Goddess have partaken of it. We serve “Bhog” on the three most important days of the Puja  which are Saptami, Ashtami and Novomi. It is shared by almost 20,000 people every day and “serving bhog” is one of the highest priority daan for all the members associated with the Trust. All the devotees are served with supreme quality bhog, starting right from khichidi, begunni, paaeesh, flavors of (tomato, aamer, aamer pappadi) chutneys, badhaa  koopee, aaloo muttor accompanied with sweet dishes. The menu and food quality is under vigilance of a special team, solely dedicated to “Bhog” for all the four days. We invite everyone to come and join us for the bhog, the menu for all the days would be as follows:

Saptami: khichidi, begunni, paaeesh,tomato chutney, badhaa  koopee, aaloo muttor,sweets

Aastami: khichiidi, paayesh, aamer chutney, jhoori aaloo baaja, dum aaloo, chochoodi, sweets

Naomi: polao, choolar dal, aamer pappadi chutney, paneer muttor, paayesh, bagunni, papad,sweets

The pandals have huge gathering on all of these days, after 12 noon it is time for “Bhog”, a welcome break for those who gather in the pandals. Only after Maa being offered the first share can one make a beeline for the prasad. One cannot talk about maha navmi, without laying emphasis on the fact that meat is served in many pandals as part of the bhog, but never in the temples. This being the penultimate day of the Puja, we prefer it being Shudd shakahaari.