Bijoya Dashami

On this day MA had defeated and killed MAHISHASHUR. Now we are worshipping MA with all our faith and sacrificing ourselves totally so that she gives us she Blessings (Ashirwad) for our welfare.

DEVI PUJA:- Bhog …with curd honey and milk is offered to MA. Now the pujari sitting on the Asan, takes a flower near the sacred pot and keeps it in the Northern direction  because  MA is from KAILASH .

Pujari says “I don’t know how to welcome you MA, I don’t know how to pray to you, I am an ignorant person but still I am conducting the Visharjan from my heart. Please forgive me for my ignorance and mistakes and come back to us next year.”

The pujari takes the sacred mirror which was on the vessel and does Visharjan. This is the same mirror which was used to welcome MA because her reflection is on the mirror.

VISHARJAN:- During the Visharjan of the Murti, all the devotees either go to a river bank or sea and immerse the Murti in the water.

SHANTI- JAL:- The sacred pot is brought back from the river/sea  filled with the water where the Murti is immersed. Then the pujari chants the Mantra and sprinkles water with the help of mango leaves on the head of all the devotees for peace and happiness.

DASSERA  is celebrated with the distribution of sweets and the youngsters touching the feet of their elders and seeking their blessings. This  is a  day  of  rejoicing  for  all.