The Trust

India is the one of the few countries in the world where god is worshiped in a female form which is truly amazing as god is generally given a male connotation in most religions. This reflects the fascinating aspect of faith prevalent in India.

The North Bombay Durga Puja Samity is a Mumbai based non- profit organization, involved in various charitable causes through its members vast and distinguished member base.

The Trust was founded in 1948 by Mr. Shahdhar Mukherjee of Bombay Talkies, Mr. J. M. Bhadra and other family members and like-minded people of the Santacruz area. The founding committee consisted of 26 members, led by Mr. Sashdhar Mukherjee as its President.

Sashdhar, a Hindi films producer and a Padma Shri awardee, for his contributions in the fields of art and entertainment, was part of the distinguished Mukherjee clan of Bollywood, He is also described as the founder of Filmistan studios. The Trust organized its first Durga Puja at Street Mandal Hall, Poddar School Santacruz. In the early years Sri Ram Ghosal took the responsibility of Secretary till the year 1973 then Shri Ram Mukherji took over as secretary by Sanat Chakraborty and now Mr. Deb Mukherjee is holding the important portfolio. The event was a harbinger of similar events over the decades, which saw the Trust’s popularity growing spectacularly. Over the years, the Trust’s followers has expanded to over 25,000. Voluntary work by these members keeps the organization committed to its primary objectives.

It is wonderful to note that our committee believed in equal opportunities. This was borne by the fact that our Puja was managed by women only for a period of three years under the guidance of Late Smt. Sati Rani Mukherjee.